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Timeless Fashion Tips for Children – Dos and Don’ts

Written by: patoluna

Children’s fashion has developed over time, and kids are now using fashion to express themselves. However, children should be aware of how the clothing they wear impacts their body image, so this post will explore the dos and don’ts of children’s fashion.

1.Allow them to choose

Allow your child to choose the style of clothing they wear every day. The child should feel that they have an influence on what they wear and should feel proud of their decisions. Unfortunately in modern society, kids today are constantly being influenced by the media. As a result, children might feel that they cannot choose an outfit without seeing other kids wear the same outfit. A good example is the clothing of little Hollywood stars like Miley Cyrus, which pushes the boundaries when it comes to children’s clothing.

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2.Enhance the appearance with accessories

One of the things that are lacking in today’s children’s fashion is accessories. Accessories are a great way to create an edge on a child’s outfit. For example, shoes can make or break a child’s outfit. While a child wears an outfit, the shoes will form the basis of the outfit. Therefore, for a child to feel confident and stand out from the crowd, he or she should own some extra accessories (shoes and hats).

3.Avoid allowing them to mature prematurely

Children’s fashion often changes as they mature. For example, when a child is young, his or her fashion style is usually simple. In this period, the focus is on avoiding clothing that can make the child look older than his or her age. Sadly, these days children’s fashion is moving in a different direction. For example, girls are wearing an outfit that highlights their chest and back. In addition, girls are dressing darker than they used to. These outfits can be attractive to men and ultimately lead to inappropriate comments from men.

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4.Select a size up

In today’s children’s fashion, there is a makeshift to make children’s clothing smaller. While some parents are ok with this, the trend also creates problems for adults. This is because when the child becomes an adult, the clothing is too small for him or her. Therefore, parents should always make sure that their child’s clothes are a size up from his or her age.

5.Allow children to contribute

Children often learn from others. Therefore, children should learn how to apply the dos and don’ts of children’s fashion from the example set by their parents. Parents should not only teach their children about fashion but also teach them how to express themselves.

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6.Dress according to the weather

One of the basic dos and don’ts of children’s fashion is to dress in the right attire according to the weather. For example, in summer, a child should wear light-colored clothing. In winter, the child should wear clothes that keep them warm.

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